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A Casinos Guide to Money Bags

September 14, 2020

You’re familiar with the complexity of securing the cash, coins, and chips for your casino, not to mention managing dozens to hundreds of employees interacting with hundreds to thousands of customers across multiple gaming zones, each and every day. Securing a chain of custody in such an environment can be a real headache. But luckily there’s a solution. Let’s find out how
Superior Bag’s line of security bags can address the problem.

The Superior Bag™ tamper-evident security bags offer the following features: 

Casinos handle a quantity of cash that necessitates establishing a secure, tamper-evident chain of custody for cash, chips, cards, and dice. Without this, the operations of the casino are at risk from theft or loss due to mishandling. Superior Bag’s line of casino security bags are designed and engineered to a high degree of specification so that any perturbation will be instantly evident. 

In the context of securing casino operations, you’ll probably recognize several challenges that need to be addressed. Chiefly, how does one easily go about differentiating between zones and areas or different types of chips or currency? How can you avoid duplicated work by reducing the amount of interval counting? 

This is the problem space in which Superior Bag excels. Founded in 1980 in the New York Metropolitan area, Superior Bag™ was among the very first to create and sell disposable tamper-evident bank packs for deposit and shipping. Building on initial success working with banks, Superior Bag™ has crafted a turnkey chain of custody solution that provides peace of mind to those tasked with securing money handling operations. 

The FIVE distinct colors Superior Bag™ has developed permit establishing a plan where different areas, games, or chips/currencies can be zoned by color, as well as a separate bag for dice, cards, and chips. This greatly enhances operations from both productivity and security aspects; colored bags out of place will stand out like a sore thumb, aiding security while matching colors also makes it easier for those transporting the bags to keep them organized.

While the security bag solutions space is crowded with late comers and untested entrants into the market, Superior Bag™ has been around since the beginning of the tamper-evident disposable security bag product market. The manufacturing experience and expertise, patents, and trademarks make us a uniquely well established player with genuine long term bona fides. 

In addition to shifting to single use from canvas bags, Superior Bag™ also anticipated the need for recyclability. This manufacturing process uses #4 plastic, reducing the impact on the environment. This combines thinking about the future with thinking about the present.

Well established and forward thinking, Superior Bag™ has the turnkey tamper-evident security solution to secure your casino cash control system. All our products are made in America, have been tested and approved by the Federal Reserve (FedReady™), and are recyclable. 

Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help secure the chain of custody for your casino’s cash operation. 

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