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Cash In Transit Bags

Cash In Transit Bags

Banks are entrusted with large sums of money and expected to keep that money safe and protected for their customers. One of the best ways that banks can guard the integrity of their assets is with bank bags designed with tamper-evident construction. It’s also important for bank bags to have large easy-to-read printed information to eliminate confusion when they change hands.

At Superior Bag, we provide many different sizes and styles of bank bags that are specially designed for cash and coin bags. These bags are made with tough materials that are perfect for challenging conditions and night deposits. We offer white and clear bags in small, medium, and large sizes with detailed lines for monetary amounts and depositor instructions. Some bank bag styles also have a place for you to include notes and place a label. And our extra-durable coin bags include lines to write the amounts of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters enclosed.

Make sure that your cash-in-transit procedures meet FDIC requirements and reduce the risk of human error with our specialized bank bags today.  

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