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3 Reasons Why Quality Bags Matter for Law Enforcement Chain of Custody

April 3, 2020

Forming a reliable chain of custody is imperative when presenting a case in court. As such, constructing a strong chain of custody relies on the use of proper evidence handling and documentation. Unfortunately, many overlooked factors, such as the use of low-quality evidence bags, can negatively impact a case. To further understand just how important it is to build a secure chain of custody with high-quality materials, keep reading. 

What is Chain of Custody?

Chain of custody (CoC) is a legal procedure that chronologically documents the sequence of ownership, transfer, analysis, and classification of physical or electronic evidence. During a legal proceeding, establishing a proper chain of custody is critical to the efficiency and strength of a case. 

When DNA samples, weapons, and crime scene photography are collected at the scene of a crime, the proper documentation and handling of this evidence contribute to a strong chain of custody. If chain of custody is broken or mishandled it can negatively impact the outcome of the investigation, including the dismissal of not only vital evidence but possibly the entire case. 

Why Quality Bags Matter for Chain of Custody?

During the evolution of a law enforcement investigation, maintaining a strong chain of custody relies on the use of high-quality materials. During evidence collection, the use of low-quality and inefficient resources can negatively impact the chain of custody right off the bat. 

While the expected approach to a crime scene is to place any discovered evidence into the appropriate containers, characteristics of high-quality bags can make or break evidence collection and preservation.

1. Strength to Hold all Evidence Types

Evidence types will range in size and shape. From heavy firearms to sharp hypodermic needles, you should be confident that your choice of evidence bags will preserve any form of evidence for the long haul of the case. Weak, low-quality evidence bags may break, causing the contamination of vital evidence and resulting in a broken chain of custody. 

2. Space to Document All Information

High-quality evidence bags will also allow space to document case-reliant information including:

Without these critical details placed neatly on the bag, evidence can be lost, misplaced, or thrown out of court for not meeting the chain of custody requirements.

3. Tamper-Evident to Protect all Contents

Although durability is essential to protecting the pure state of evidence, evidence bags should also be made tamper-evident. This means that bags should utilize high-quality seals, markings, or other techniques to easily indicate when evidence has been tampered with or been accessed by unauthorized personnel. 

Issues of evidence mishandling or tempering present a huge downfall in an investigation, even when all other aspects of the case are strong. With a durable, tamper-evident evidence bag, evidence is fully protected and sealed to prevent unlawful interference. 

Safeguarding Chain of Custody with
The Superior Bag Evidence Bag.

As the bag of choice for law enforcement, Superior Bag offers evidence bags that tackle all investigative needs. The Superior Evidence Bag offers a large space to document in-depth evidence details, from agency name and item descriptors to an expansive table of chain of custody signoffs.  

Made of durable, clear plastic, The Superior Evidence Bag safeguards all contents from elements such as liquid and debris and allow law enforcement personnel to easily identify the bag’s components. Fastened with a patented, high-quality, tamper-evident seal, The Superior Evidence Bag will also help protect contents from contamination and tampering.

Without a strong chain of custody, a law enforcement investigation can crumble in court. When it comes time to bag your evidence, choose the Superior Evidence Bag for safety and assurance. Back to Blog