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A Retailer’s Guide to Purchasing a Security Deposit Bag

August 25, 2020

When it comes to purchasing secure bank deposit bags for cash or coins, there are a lot of options. However, your cash management system should include using bags that meet Federal Reserve guidelines. A high-quality security deposit bag can help to reduce employee pilferage. Further, the best security bag for money transfers is tamper-proof and includes spaces for labels and bank deposit account instructions. Use this convenient guide to help you shop for deposit bags.  

How to Shop for a Security Deposit Bag

To help keep your business running securely, your cash management system should include purchasing the best tamper-proof deposit bags. Deposit bags look like cash-in-transit bags but have different uses. Deposit bags travel from the till to the manager of the store. The manager then combines them into a cash-in-transit bag for pick-up by an armored car service for transfer to the Federal Reserve. Hence, deposit bags must meet the specifications outlined by the Federal Reserve. The best deposit bags are secure and are highly tamper-evident. But, what’s the best bag for your business needs? 

A secure deposit bag should include features like:

Next, let’s take a look at a few steps to help you protect your deposits.

Guidelines to Protect Cash and Coin Deposits

A few best practices can help your business protect its assets. From employee training to installing video equipment, here’s how to create an anti-theft plan:

Sample Cash in Transit Bags 

Are you making night deposits? Or, using armored carriers for your cash pickups? If you’re shopping for deposit bags, you might not know where to start. Deposit bags are available for cash and separately for coins and they must meet Federal Reserve guidelines for depositing currency. Below are a few sample bag styles to help you find the right deposit bags for your business. New to making deposits with the Federal Reserve Bank? Refer to their Deposit Visual Reference Guide.

Here are a few sample cash in transit bags:

E Fold Over 15 x 20 Vinyl Bag 1264S Pack of 50 Bags for $23.66

These SentryGreen™ Dual Seal bags measure 15” x 20”. This sized bag can hold 4,000 individual notes or a total of 4 bundles. This bag includes an area for your cash totals and other deposit details. The seams meet all applicable Federal Reserve guidelines. With easy to read instructions on the bag, these bags are useful for high-volume cash deposits. 

D Bag 12 x 16 Vinyl Bag 1262 Pack of 100 Bags for $25.24

These are tamper and water-resistant SentryGreen™ Dual Seal bags. They measure 12” x 16” and this sized bag can hold 2,000 individual notes or a total of 2 bundles. The self-sealing seams meet all applicable Federal Reserve guidelines. Included is a pocket on the back and a large space available to write information about cash totals and other deposit information. With easy to read sealing instructions on the bag, use these bags for medium-volume cash deposits. 

The Superior Coin Bag™ Medium 11” x 17” Bag #5002 Pack of 50 Bags for $21.03

These are high-performance SentryGreen™ coin bags. They measure 11” x 17” and this sized bag can hold up to 25-lbs in coins. Designed for single-use, the self-sealing seams meet Federal Reserve guidelines. There is a large space for writing information about coin denominations and a die-cut handle for convenient carrying. Easy to read sealing instructions  are viewable on the bag along with an area for labels and business account information. Unsure of which bag is best? Request a sample bag or consider purchasing a cash-in-transit sample packet. This includes different sized coin and cash bags and a sample dual handle and dual seal bag.

Security – In the Bag

Using the best security deposit bag is important to your business. It should include storage for cash or coins and an area for proper documentation. Let Superior Bag™ help you create custom solutions for your cash management needs and reduce your liability. 

Superior Bag™ is an industry leader that invented security packaging 40 years ago. We comply with all Federal Reserve System guidelines and offer the highest-quality, tamper-resistant bags for financial institutions, armored carriers and retail businesses. With affordable pricing available, choose from a variety of durable and compliant bags at wholesale prices or order in smaller quantities. With same-day shipping available, stay protected with Superior Bag™!

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