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Shipping Risks for Ecommerce Businesses & Tips for Shipping Safely

April 17, 2017

Right now is an exciting time to run an e-commerce business, regardless of what you’re selling or what industry you’re in. More and more customers are preferring to shop online, and it’s possible to ship items to people all over the world without ever leaving your home office.

However, these types of business have their own unique risks and challenges, and one of the biggest ones is shipping. In this article, we will highlight some of the biggest risks that e-commerce businesses encounter in shipping operations and how tamper evident bags can help.

The Changing of Hands

Ecommerce packages often pass through several different sets of hands from one stage of a sale to the next. The purchase, clearing of the transaction, shipping, and delivery of the products are often handled by different entities within a single company or across multiple companies. Each of these entities needs to be given the correct instructions for packages being sent and receive the compensation as agreed upon. All of these factors can potentially increase the risk of not getting the right products to the right customers safely and in a timely manner.

However, it is very common for e-commerce businesses of all shapes and sizes to have different divisions and contractors that handle certain tasks to make the flow of orders run smoothly. Establishing a system of secure packaging is one of the best things an e-commerce business can do to keep customers happy and profits high. Both security bags and courier bags are commonly used to seal shipments from all sides and keep them safe in transit.

Packaging and Pricing Considerations

For many e-commerce businesses, the packaging isn’t just a way to deliver goods from one place to another. Lots of customers value aesthetic presentation, in addition, to proper cushioning for safety. Some of the many shipping methods available to e-commerce business include easy-fold mailers, corrugated pads, insulated shippers, and side loaders.

Ultimately though, packaging should be light and small to reduce costs and prevent potential damage. E-commerce companies will also need to decide on a strategy for charging customers for shipping. Many consumers have now come to expect free shipping as part of a standard order, but your company may need to increase product prices or require a minimum order amount for this deal in order to remain profitable, yet popular.

How Shipping Bags Can Help

At Superior Bag, we offer custom bags for a wide variety of industries, and ecommerce businesses are an important part of this commitment. For example, we offer retail tamper evident bags and cash-in-transit bags to help businesses do their jobs better and with confidence.

What makes these shipping bags stand out is the level of detailed information that they allow to be prominently displayed on the front. You can clearly write key pieces of data directly onto these shipping bags, such as a description of the contents, amount of money enclosed, date, and chain of custody information.

So, give us a call at 800-522-1236 or fill out our easy online form to learn more about how the right shipping bags can help your ecommerce business become more organized, legally complaint, and profitable.

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