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Cash in Transit

Young woman using an ATM at night
A Comparison of ATM Deposit and Night Deposit Procedures
February 12, 2018 Many businesses, such as restaurants, bars, and casinos, don’t keep the same 8am to 5pm hours that their banks do. The fastest way to get your funds into your... Click to read more
woman emptying her piggy bank
Risks of Keeping Cash at Home: Is Emergency Cash Safe?
January 19, 2018 After the most recent economic recession and financial crisis, some Americans lost trust in banks and resorted to keeping cash at home in large quantities. While this may sound... Click to read more
Magnifying glass being used to investigate fake money
How to Recognize Counterfeit Currency & Prevent Fraud
December 5, 2017 The world’s economy depends on money being real, legitimate, and usable, which is why counterfeit currency is such a serious problem. Regulations are in place to prevent currency fraud... Click to read more
US dollars on checkbook
Using Endorsement Stamps to Prevent Check Fraud
June 23, 2017 While many of our personal and business finances are handled electronically these days, check fraud is still a very serious concern for companies in a wide variety of industries.... Click to read more
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Night Deposits: Security Considerations for Businesses
January 18, 2017 If you work in the retail, hospitality, or law enforcement industries, chances are that banks don’t keep the same hours that you do. Many types of businesses use security... Click to read more
American Currency in Cash Register
How Businesses Can Safely Transport Money
September 21, 2016 Businesses of all shapes and sizes are faced with the challenge of handling large cash deposits. But unfortunately, many of these businesses don’t have a detailed cash management plan... Click to read more