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What Makes a Bag Tamper Proof?

May 15, 2020

Whether evidence is being transported from a crime scene to the station or pulled out of evidence files for exhibit in trial, proper handling of the content in these bags means everything in legal scenarios. One simple act of mishandling can make it impossible to carry through with an investigation, totally alter the outcome of a trial, and can even be in violation of local laws. Both crime victims and those accused of a crime can be affected by the mishandling of evidence. Therefore, the contents of the evidence bags are secured in tamper-resistance materials. But, what exactly makes an evidence bag tamper-proof? 

The Bags Withstand Punctures and Tears 

Evidence bags are not created out of ordinary low-mil plastic that is common with other types of plastic bags. Instead, the plastic material is generally thick, which means it is extremely hard to rip, tear, or puncture. This thicker composition also means it is relatively easy to see if a bag has been put under stress in an effort to get it open to access the evidence. For example, the plastic would become misshapen if someone were to try to poke a sharp object through it. 

The Bags Can’t Be Resealed Once They Are Opened 

Good tamper-proof evidence bags offer a self-sealing strip across the top of the bag. Once an evidence collector places an item into the bag, they seal the bag shut with the self-adhering strip and it instantly closes all the way across. This adhesive is specially formulated so it creates an instant seal and cannot be pulled away from the plastic of the bag. The closed evidence bag cannot be reopened; the contents must be retrieved by cutting across the bottom with scissors. 

The Bags Clearly Show When Improper Opening Has Occurred 

Just as the plastic of tamper-evident bags shows when manipulation has occurred, certain elements of these bags also can point to tampering. For instance, evidence bags tend to have a strip of print or a specific printed pattern along each side of the bag. These printed areas make it easy to spot if a bag has been cut open around the edges. 

The Bags Have a Large Write-On Area for Chain of Custody  

Tamper-proof evidence bags also have a relatively large write-on area that makes documenting the chain of custody easy. Not only is it important that a bag be physically capable of showing when it has been altered, but it must also be able to show where the bag has been. If attending officials notate the bag each time it is relocated, it can be easier to determine when or if a bag has been tampered with. 

At Superior Bag, our patented D-Tec™ closure evidence collection bags are not only designed to meet all of the requirements set forth by federal guidelines but they also exhibit a clear “Void Tampering Detected” message when someone tries to tamper with it. In addition, our bags are also printed with side seals that contain our logo; the logos will appear distorted if the bag were cut and resealing was attempted. As you can see, our bags are reliable when it comes to design and functionality, and of course, created to meet all tamper-proof standards. Check out our full line of tamper-proof evidence bags or request a sample packet

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