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What Does a Chain of Custody Establish?

April 14, 2020 If you’re in law enforcement, you already know the importance of a chain of custody. It can make all the difference in whether a guilty verdict is ultimately reached. If you’re the one who breaks the chain, you may be subject to penalties. But what exactly is a chain of custody, and what does it establish? Here is what you need to know.

What Is a Chain of Custody?

As the name implies, a chain of custody proves that evidence admitted to trial is the same evidence that was recovered at the scene of the crime or during its investigation. This evidence, also known as an exhibit, could be any tangible item from drugs to a laptop computer to a photo of tire tracks. Each exhibit has its own chain of custody, which shows who had physical possession of the item at every moment from the time it was recovered until the time it was presented at trial.

What Does a Chain of Custody Establish?

A chain of custody establishes what the evidence is and the timeline for its possession. It also clearly establishes anything that was done to the evidence, such as testing its chemical composition, and by whom. For example, a bag of cocaine may be seized, stored, given to an expert for testing, tested by that expert, and returned to storage before being admitted as evidence. Its chain of custody needs to prove that:

If any of these links break down, a good defense attorney will cast doubt on the authenticity of the evidence. This can lead to specific exhibits being excluded from trial, or it could even cause the entire case to be thrown out. If you’re the officer who messed up the chain of custody, disciplinary actions could follow.

How Can I Improve My Chain of Custody?

A strong documentation system is absolutely essential to a chain of custody. Whether you are dealing with cocaine or hair samples, each piece of evidence should undergo a rigorous and standardized process of documentation from the moment it is collected until the moment it is admitted at trial.

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