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Evidence Bags

Why the Size of Your Evidence Bag Matters
June 24, 2020 When police officers are called to the scene of a crime, investigating the scene and interviewing victims and witnesses are standard components of the job. The other crucial element... Click to read more
evidence storage
Proper Storage Protocol for Evidence Bags
June 15, 2020 When it comes to handling evidence, maintaining the integrity of what you’ve gathered is crucial. A damaged evidence bag or one that hasn’t been stored properly can alter court... Click to read more
Information is Power: The Importance of Labeling Evidence Bags
May 26, 2020 When working to uphold justice, nothing is more important than maintaining the integrity of evidence. This is why the labeling of evidence bags is so strongly valued. Without proper... Click to read more
INFOGRAPHIC: Chain of Custody Process
April 23, 2020 INFOGRAPHIC: CHAIN OF CUSTODY PROCESSEstablishing a secure chain of custody is critical to ensure proper measures are in place before presenting a case in court. Below showcases a detailed... Click to read more
What Does a Chain of Custody Establish?
April 14, 2020 If you’re in law enforcement, you already know the importance of a chain of custody. It can make all the difference in whether a guilty verdict is ultimately reached.... Click to read more
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3 Reasons Why Quality Bags Matter for Law Enforcement Chain of Custody
April 3, 2020
evidence room full of properly labeled boxes
The Right Way to Tag and Label Evidence at a Crime Scene
January 19, 2018 Evidence collection is one of the most crucial parts of proving a case and ensuring that justice is served in the community. However, there is definitely a right way... Click to read more
A forensic investigator collecting crime scene evidence
Why Evidence Collection Materials & Evidence Storage Matter
December 5, 2017 One of the most important aspects of law enforcement is evidence collection, and every little detail can make a big difference in pursuing justice and complying with applicable laws.... Click to read more
Woman collecting crime scene evidence
The Importance of Chain of Custody for Legal Proceedings
November 14, 2017 The Importance of Chain of Custody for Legal Proceedings Evidence is crucial to proving court cases in many types of legal proceedings. This evidence may include DNA samples, photographs,... Click to read more
Someone collecting a gun as evidence from a crime scene
Crime Scene Evidence Transfer in Real Life vs. TV Shows
November 14, 2017 Crime Scene Evidence Transfer in Real Life vs. TV Shows Crime and forensic shows are very popular on television, and many people believe they have a thorough understanding of... Click to read more
These plastic evidence bags also establish a chain of custody to reduce the risk of tampering.
How Mistrials Happen & How to Prevent Them
February 15, 2017 By definition, a mistrial is a court trial that cannot be completed because something significantly affects the fairness of the trial. Since this is a courtroom trial that is... Click to read more